Below is list of sites run by friends and people I have met over the years traveling. Take a minute to check them out!
A photo site by dean dampney, a great australian photojournalist. I met him swimming around taking photos in hawaii and have been a fan ever since.
Another Aussie photographer, Sean is one of the best surf photographers in the world. His nature photos are amazing too.
Once a surf rat from Ocean City, NJ, Todd is now a star of the Big Apple art world. He draws rock bands while they are playing live and then turns his sketches into huge murals of the bands.
Run by my friends Mike Montanaro and his wife Elizabeth. Great artists themselves and curators of some incredible contemporary art shows. If you’re ever in Newport Rhode Island stop by and see why.
Long running family owned gallery in New York City. Host to three of my solo shows in the Big Apple and great supporters. check the online gallery of my work…
The premium online surf art gallery. Click here to see more!
The blog of Jair Bortoleto, the organizer and curator of the Santos Surf Art Show in Brazil for January in 2009. Interviews with all the artists – good reading!
A long time friend of mine, Laura Stinchfields fascinating site about her communications with animals. Check out the testimonials to get an idea of the variety of responses the animals give and be sure to have her talk to your dog, horse or parrot. Excellent for helping to diagnose a health issue, to speak to a loved animal who has passed away, or just to get some fun insights into how your pet thinks.